AquaResource Inc. is committed to providing integrated solutions relating to water resources and the environment in the following service areas:

Information Management

Surface water and groundwater management activities including monitoring, characterizations, and modeling, create extremely large amounts of data.

Source Water Protection

Drinking water, which may be from groundwater, surface water, or both, is vulnerable to being contaminated. When a drinking water source is not protected, inadvertent contamination can result in significant risks to human health.

Water Resources Planning and Management

Many of today's complicated surface water and groundwater resources planning and management issues require an integrated approach to data management, characterization, and modeling.

Groundwater Contamination and Remediation

A bi-product of the industrial revolution throughout the world is that we have inadvertently created hundreds of thousands of contaminated sites. These sites threaten clean surface water and groundwater resources, leading to potential natural ecosystem (aquatic and terrestrial) and human health impacts.

Mining and Aggregate Resources

Mining and aggregate resources industries typically generate major changes to the natural terrain and environment and are often perceived to impact surface and groundwater resources. Within this industry water resource impacts can result from water supply development, dewatering requirements, or waste rock impounds.  

Surface Water Modeling

AquaResource’s experienced modeling staff are experts in developing and applying Surface Water Models.