AquaResource Inc. is committed to providing integrated solutions relating to water resources and the environment in the following service areas:

Information Technologies

  • Information technology remains the most important, yet most frequently neglected, element of water resources projects. AquaResource provides knowledge and experience using the most effective information technologies for each solution.

Physical Characterization

  • A thorough and proper characterization of a watershed, aquifer, or site, is most effectively carried out using a combination of experience, knowledge, and good information management tools. Our physical characterizations are completed with the assistance of sophisticated information technologies enabling AquaResource to easily update or enhance the understanding of a problem as new data becomes available.

Modeling and Assessment 

  • Each water resources solution requires a unique modeling an assessment approach that may involve a combination of surface water and groundwater models, integrated models, and professional judgment. Our three-tiered approach to providing solutions allows AquaResource to efficiently update computer models as new data becomes available.