AquaResource Inc. is a niche consulting company committed to water resources assessment and management. Our goal is to assist water resource managers at all levels (Government, Corporate, Non-Government Organization) to better understand and manage surface water and groundwater systems. To accomplish this, AquaResource utilizes advanced technologies for data management, visualization, analysis and modeling.

Management Team

AquaResource's management team includes Paul J. Martin and David Van Vliet. Paul and David have complementary experience in the water resource industry, and are able to work with your team to implement innovative solutions.

Memberships and Associations

AquaResource Inc. offers comprehensive solutions through association with complementary industry experts. The Waterloo area is home to an unequalled wealth of hydrogeology and hydrology expertise stemming from world leading research at local Universities including the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph. At AquaResource, we believe that true client success depends upon the expertise applied in all technical aspects of a project and we foster expert associations that provide our clients with world-class talents and expertise.


As a niche company, AquaResource routinely teams with complementary specialists to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. In our experience, such teaming arrangements provide clients with superior service. AquaResource provides partners with state-of-the-science technical capabilities and expertise to generate winning teams. Our team's hands-on approach to projects, offers senior level experience that is efficient and effective, providing innovative solutions to typical project hurdles. Provide your client or project with the value that accompanies AquaResource's experience!

Career Opportunities

AquaResource is always looking for innovative and unique water resource and/or information technology professionals. As a growing group of professional engineers and scientists, AquaResource offers growth opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals, a client-focused team environment and flexible working conditions.