Software Sales

As a service to our clients and colleagues, AquaResource is a specialized reseller for some of the key software products that our professionals use in daily practice. Furthermore, AquaResource supports our clients with system implementation services, custom training and expert technical support - just a phone call away. For more information regarding any of the following products, feel free to email for more information.


FEFLOW is an advanced finite element groundwater modeling code with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI). In addition to superb numerical technology, including all the key benefits of the finite element method, one of the primary benefits of FEFLOW is the integration of GIS/database information within the user interface. This integration allows users to integrate conceptual hydrogeologic data held within a central database (see EQuIS) and GIS. Beyond this, the standard FEFLOW GUI includes 2D/3D visualization tools that would cost $1000's more in other codes. FEFLOW licensing is flexible, with 2D versions starting from ~$1000.


EQuIS is an industry standard data management software with user friendly tools for both database administrators and environmental managers. The EQuIS 5 Enterprise application includes server-side components for high-end workflow automation, for both importing and exporting data that automatically checks, qualifies and loads millions of data submissions into the EQuIS database. The EQuIS 5 Professional supports data modeling, allowing the user to perform calculations that include advanced filtering, aggregation and custom algorithms for risk analysis or data verification.Integration of sound data management software is essential for all environmental projects; the alternative - recollecting the same data or dealing with misinformation - is far too costly! Please contact us for more information on effective EQuIS solutions, Click here to download an AquaResource case study on the implementation of EQuIS for a multi-disciplinary water resources monitoring project.