Modeling and Assessment

Models are effective tools to integrate multiple sources of information and to understand the potential impacts of human activities on the environment. As such, they are applied whenever important environmental decisions are made. The advancement of information systems over the past decade has resulted in the availability of more comprehensive datasets, leading to more detailed and complex characterization of natural systems. To capture this complexity, AquaResource employs advanced modeling systems such as FEFLOW and MIKE SHE to incorporate this complexity. These advanced modeling tools facilitate the incorporation of numerous data sets, utilizing GIS and IT integration to link available information with powerful simulations of natural systems. AquaResource's experienced modeling staff are experts in applying these tools in the following areas:

Integrated Surface & Groundwater Modeling 

  • Simultaneous modeling simulation of surface and groundwater flow systems to capture the impact of dynamic fluctuations in one environment on the other.

Wellhead Protection Area Delineation

  • Simulation of time-of-travel capture zones contributing water to municipal wells or wellfields.

Water Supply Impact Assessment

  • Simulating pre-and post-development conditions to design pumping systems that minimize potential impacts.

Wellfield Optimization

  • Application of computer models to determine optimal pumping rates to maximize extraction, while constraining impacts.

Fate and Transport Simulation

  • Simulation of contaminant migration, degradation, and retardation processes for impact assessment and remedial system design in both porous and fractured media.

Seawater Intrusion Modeling

  • Simulations of seawater intrusion (density dependent transport) for near-shore environments to predict impact levels and evaluate mitigation designs.

Remediation Alternative Evaluation

  • Application of modeling tools to quantify the effectiveness of various remediation alternatives.

Monitoring System Evaluation

  • Hydraulic evaluation of monitoring systems to indicate potential areas of data gaps, and target additional field reconnaissance efforts.

Tailings Pond Impact Assessment

  • Hydraulic and Hydrogeologic evaluation of seepage through tailings pond impoundments and assessment of potential impacts.

Geochemical Reactive Transport

  • Simulation of geochemical evolution due to water rock interactions along a flowpath.

Advanced Technology

AquaResource uses advanced, commercially available water resources assessment tools developed by the following companies:

  • DHI Water & Environment - Danish Hydrology Institute
  • WASY - Institute for Water Resources Planning and Systems Research Ltd.
  • ESRI GIS and Mapping Software
  • ESI - Environmental Simulations Inc