Parallel Computing for Parameter Optimization Flow Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis for RCRA Requirements

AquaResource is working with MWH Global as part of a multi-disciplinary team developing a complex, multi-layered, 3D groundwater flow model using FEFLOW.  The model represents groundwater flow conditions at a former rocket testing site located in Southern California.  Groundwater flow is complicated by the site topography, geologic setting, and hydrogeologic complexities which include irregularly faulted and fractured rock.  The folded turbidite sequences are made more complex by discrete fault features that off-set sequences spatially. The FEFLOW model, which was painstakingly constructed to incorporate those features, has been used to assist the team in understanding the influence of three-dimensional groundwater flow on dissolved-phase DNAPL in the subsurface. Recognizing the role of geologic and parameter uncertainty in the decision-making process, we are currently evaluating the range and probability of potential solutions.  This uncertainty analysis is being completed using advanced parameter estimation tools in PEST that have a sound link to site-specific field information and the conceptual model. For more information about the project, contact Daron Abbey or Paul Martin.