Information Management Services

Surface water and groundwater management activities including monitoring, characterizations, and modeling, create extremely large amounts of data. Today's information technologies, coupled with AquaResource's expertise, will enable your organization to effectively manage these data and to have immediate access to the data to meet your business requirements.

Data Management Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning

AquaResource can assist your organization in developing an appropriate long-term approach to manage your data. We will help by analyzing your data management business processes and design an implementation strategy meeting your Return On Investment (ROI) objectives.

Data Management Outsourcing

Many organizations recognize the need, but do not have the in-house staff with experience to manage large complicated databases. AquaResource can assist with managing your data allowing your organization to focus on your core business requirements.

System Integration

In many cases a data management system is only a single component of a larger system of information technologies that may include data acquisition equipment or a Geographic Information System (GIS). AquaResource can effectively work with your organization to allow your systems to communicate and share data.

Internet-Based Solutions

AquaResource can provide you with web-based access to your valuable data.