Innovative Solutions for Source Water Protection


Drinking water, whether from surface or groundwater, is often vulnerable to quantity, quality and security risks. When a drinking water source is not protected, over-allocation can lead to water shortages and inadvertent contamination can result in significant risks to human health. The costs required to correct a problem or find new sources of drinking water can be extremely large.

Protection Measures:

Planning and management initiatives are required to protect our valuable water resources. Land use planning at the municipal level must be implemented to mitigate the inherent risks from contamination threats. Water resource management, the business of conservation authorities, will require a better understanding of surface and groundwater resources, their characteristics, interaction, and existing stresses to evaluate their safety and security.

Practical & Innovative Solutions:

Achieving source protection goals will require more than sound technical assessment: it will require effective data management and flow to facilitate communication with all stakeholders and develop workable solutions.

Information Management

  • Database design and implementation
  • Data flow architecture
  • GIS design and linkages
  • WEB portal to share information & knowledge

Watershed Characterization

  • Hydrologic and hydrogeologic mapping
  • Contaminant sources inventory
  • Water use inventory
  • Aquatic and terrestrial inventories
  • Feature - function linkages

Water Budgeting Tools

  • Tools customized for different hydraulic / hydrogeologic settings
  • Integrated surface and groundwater models
  • Decision support tools to facilitate scenario assessment

Threats Assessment

  • Contamination potential ranking
  • Pathways assessment
  • Integrated GIS risk assessment

Planning and Management Solutions

  • Planning and Management Solutions
  • Consultation Planning
  • Communications Management
  • Integrated Data Flow