Water Resources Planning and Management

Many of today's complicated surface water and groundwater resources planning and management issues require an integrated approach to data management, characterization, and modeling. AquaResource works with all levels of government and public/private organizations to implement integrated watershed management services and programs for surface water, groundwater and wetlands. We have outstanding capabilities in watershed characterization, modeling, and the development and integration of information technology and geographic information systems (GIS) management tools.  Our experience includes the following services:

Aquifer Characterization & Mapping

  • Application of IT tools to interpret hydrogeologic conditions (aquifer extent, physical properties, yield, etc.) and map spatial distributions.

GIS Hydraulic Analysis

  • Spatial analysis of multiple GIS layers can be used to evaluate physical equations such as Darcy's Law.

Dynamic/Detailed Water Budget Evaluation

  • Sophisticated water budget analyses using detailed numerical modeling, facilitating analysis of dynamic streamflow and climatic conditions.

Water Supply Impact Assessment

  • Quantification of potential impacts to neighbours, aquatic features and terrestrial systems caused by pumping.

Wellfield Optimization

  • Application of computer models to determine optimal pumping rates to maximize extraction, while constraining impacts.

Wellhead Protection Area Delineation

  • Simulation of time-of-travel capture zones contributing water to municipal wells or wellfields.

Wellhead Risk Assessment

  • Linking time-related well capture zones to potential contaminants of concern and spatial aquifer vulnerability.

Integrated Surface & Groundwater Modeling

  • Simultaneous modeling simulation of surface and groundwater flow systems to capture the impact of dynamic fluctuations in one environment on the other.

Monitoring Data Integration & Assessment

  • Hydraulic assessment of data gaps and optimal locations for additional field reconnaissance data.

Wetlands Management Support

  • Integrated modeling of land-based, hydraulic cycle processes to better characterize wetland health and assess potential impacts.

Watershed-Based Erosion and Sedimentation Assessments

  • Streamflow modeling to assess velocity distributions and evaluate erosion and sedimentation potential under various hydraulic conditions.

Watershed Management Decision Support Tools

  • IT applications linking modeling knowledge and understanding to real-time field data for informed decision-making.